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These just a few examples of the “look and feel” of some of the 400 Google-related phishing URLs we’ve seen in the past seven days at Malcovery security.

They both pivot not on a seldom-noticed pattern of player transactions, but the simple fact that cards in each set reference a team that didn’t exist in the supposed year of issuance. The cards are the size of the ’64 Giant Baseball set, but about six times as thick.

Google provided some statistics on how widely the problem of manual hijacking has been seen in the past.

Over calendar 2012-2013, Google’s security teams found that approximately 9 manual hijacking cases per day per million active users occurred. On most of those sites, clicking “I Forgot My Password” results in an email being sent with a “Reset My Password” link!

If you’re testing to see if basketball would sell to the gum smackers of the late ‘60s, you’re not going to put out an outdated card of the sport’s biggest name, nor three cards from a team that had just changed cities.

There’s also another bit of evidence that dates the set as 1967-68.

Often these details made use of prior “private” conversations in the phishing victim’s email sent items box!

In the past seven days, Malcovery Security confirmed 416 distinct phishing URLs related to Google and their properties.It’s possible — even probable — that the cards were printed and distributed (and again, too many roughed-up cards exist to suggest these never hit the streets) in the late winter or early spring of 1968, but the cards absolutely pertain to 1967-68, not 1968-69. Yet he appears in this set with the Philadelphia 76ers, and the image that the puzzle backs of this set forms also shows him in a Philly uniform.There are only 22 cards in the set, and three of them show players (Zelmo Beaty, Bill Bridges, and the misspelled “Len Wilkins”) from the St. On May 3, 1968, the Hawks’ franchise was sold to Georgia interests who announced they were moving it to Atlanta for the 1968-69 season. As illustrated on the back of Hal Greer’s cards, the socks on Chamberlain’s puzzle image have already been re-touched — the uniform could have easily been altered, too.If Topps made these cards only for internal review they wouldn’t have wasted the money.The claim that they never left the shop probably results from the discovery a decade ago of a bunch of full-thickness proofs which do not have the die-cut that year.These URLs were hosted on 207 distinct domain names on 174 different IP addresses.