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Five years of his life working to invent new technology and push the boundaries of computer graphics—you’re damn right he’s going to win this one!

Katherine says: It’s hard not to root for Barkhad Abdi.

The 86th Academy Awards are this Sunday, and as awards season winds down, it’s once again time to see who will take home the top honors in acting and film.

Here at The Hudsucker we try our hand at predicting the winners in some of the major categories.

His character’s presence in the film is just as strong as Hanks’ Captain Phillips.

It would be great to see him win come Sunday night! Coming out of nowhere, he absolutely owned the roll of a homosexual man fighting AIDS at a time when little was known about the disease.

The movie is about love, but also makes a commentary on how we as a society communicate with others, and it is absolutely fantastic. From direction, to acting, to cinematography, to score, this film embodies the most complete work of high quality visual storytelling that we have seen released this year. Tania says: I’m really glad Leo got a nomination because he really took on such a different kind of role, and that’s what’s always so important when evaluating the depth of character an actor can dive into.

The role of Jordan Belfort in this Martin Scorsese film was such an interesting one because Leonardo played a debauched, drug-fueled New York trader and that’s nothing like anything we’ve ever seen of his.This is real, gritty stuff, and it’s all due to the strength of her performance.Bo says: Gravity was incredible, and it’s all due to the tireless efforts of one individual.This award should be a celebration of a great storyteller and the imagination that he has put forth onto the silver screen time and time again.Tania says: I’ve always been a fan of Hayao Miyazaki’s animated films.And though he is up against Matthew Mc Conaughey this year, I think he has a good chance of picking up this award. Most times the audience completely forgets that the ghost of a man on screen once starred in films such as “” is a prime example of giving an actress an open opportunity to put in a strong emotional, physical, and mental performance.

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