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hondritic meteorites (chondrites), the oldest rocks in our solar system, provide a significant record of the processes that transformed a disk of gas and dust into a collection of planets, moons, asteroids, and comets.

There are two mechanisms proposed for CAI and chondrule formation: shock waves and jet flows. It shows the jet flow model of CAI and chondrule formation.Al can be used as a clock to measure small time differences, allowing us to understand more about the formation of the first solids in the solar system.Preliminary Al-Mg results for chondrules from the CR and CV chondrites by K. Marhas (Physical Research Lab, India) and colleagues suggest a range of initial article Supernova Debris in the Solar System].We also report the On lead isotope plots, materials with the same age will fall along a single line.The data for chondrules from Acfer 059 (solid line) and for CAIs from Efremovka (dashed lines) define precise lines and indicate ancient ages.The yellow region near the Sun is very hot, which vaporizes all the dust falling into the nebula.

The young Sun emits vast quantities of energetic particles, which create winds in the nebula.Chondrites are aggregates of three major components: refractory Ca-Al-rich inclusions (CAIs), less refractory ferromagnesian silicate spherules called chondrules, and a fine-grained matrix.We know that CAIs and chondrules formed at nearly the same time as the Sun (4.56 billion years ago), but we don't know the details of how or where the CAIs and chondrules formed.The timing and duration of their formation remains obscure.My colleagues, Yuri Amelin (Royal Ontario Museum), Ian Hutcheon (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory), Alexander Ulyanov (Moscow State University), and I set out to resolve these unknowns by determining the absolute formation ages of CAIs and chondrules using lead isotopic analyses. (Kingsborough College-CUNY), chondrules and CAIs were heated by shock waves that originated in the asteroid belt region.Rising plumes above the dashed lines are blown out to cooler parts of the disk.

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