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Travel between Naic and Metro Manila covers 47 Kilometers.Majority of the upland towns and some of those in lowlands trade with Naic due to its strategic geographical position.

Thousands of years ago, Naic was a part of the towering Mt. Naic was the western slope of the volcano until its internal eruption which led to the sinking of its apex in its present condition.

Moreover, due to the closeness of Naic to the poblacion in Maragondon, Naic transferred its center in 1798 to the eastern bank of the river (the present poblacion)(Medina, 1992).

Also during this time, the town was already a flourishing fishing and agricultural village (Villanueva, 1982).

The massive increase can be observed in the year 1990 when industrialization was introduced in the Province of Cavite (including Naic).

Investors established their businesses in different industrial estates that magnetized people to migrate to Cavite due to job opportunities the province offers.

Naic is also the very first town in the country to pass an ordinance banning pigs from the street. It is one of the greatest achievement of Naic because the other towns followed suit.

The municipality of Naic is located on the western part of the province along the shorlines of Manila Bay.

One theory suggests that it originated when a Spaniard asked a native about what the pig is doing and he said "Na - igik" thus later on developed as Naic.

Another one suggests that it came from a Spanish word "Ca - Naic" meaning neighboring place by which its mother town was the present Maragondon.

Saulo contends that Naic is a highly cultured Tagalog word meaning "suburbs" or "countryside".

Also in Malaysia, Naic means "overboard" which only proves that the term used, refers to the fact that Naic was just a part of the older town of Maragondon and not from the crying sound of pigs (na-igik).

Another theory put forward is that Naic is an acronym for Nuestra Adorada Immaculada Concepcion.