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If this is happening, ask your partner to engage in more foreplay and slow the f%&k down. Knowing what gets you going means knowing what’s going to get you ready for non-painful sex.Knowing what you like also means knowing what you don’t like, which means you can seek out experiences that actually turn you on, leading to better, hotter, un-painful sex!

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If you have PID, you may not have any symptoms, but if you do, they can include pelvic pain as well as pain during penetrative sex.It actually takes between five and seven minutes from when your brain starts being turned on to when your vaginal tissue is slippery enough for penetration to feel great.So if your partner is just so excited that s/he’s not waiting long enough, there’s a good chance penetration will feel less than pleasant.And if you’re really hurting, there are more intense options such as laparoscopic surgery, a hormone regime that puts your body into early menopause, or hysterectomy.Pelvic inflammatory disease, or PID, is when your reproductive organs get infected.Unfortunately, around 40 percent of women living in the United States report not getting wet enough during sex, which makes vaginal dryness the second most common sexual challenge for us, behind low libido.

I’ve written a whole article about reasons why your vagina might be dry, so if this is you, check them out.

Unfortunately, the only way to know if you have this disorder is through exploratory surgery.

Fortunately, once you know this is the problem, you can often fix it. Hormone therapy can help keep your endometrial tissue in check.

Endometriosis is when your uterine tissue (called the endometrium) grows outside your uterus, where it has no business being.

This condition, which affects around seven percent of humans with uteruses, can result in extremely painful cramps, and can also make sex hurt a lot.

If you’re experiencing a parched pussy, the first thing to try is obviously adding lubrication.

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