Chani home mad xxxclp

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Chani home mad xxxclp

Chani slowly reached out and took the phone from him."There's something on there you need to listen to," youngbin explained as he put his hand on his shoulder."We will leave you then," Rowoon insisted as he stood back up and the guy's all slowly walked away leaving chani by himself again.Chani clicked the home screen button and the phone lit up, it was a picture of him and her together.

He sat in the grass staring at it, he didn't know how long he'd been there, it was getting colder and darker now. " His phone started ringing again, they both stared down at the phone that lit up ' Leader Hyung'.

Once payment is confirmed, it will take up to 7 business days (excluding weekends) to produce the case.

It may take 1-4 weeks to deliver depending on what country you live in.

When he got to the main floor he bursted through the entrance and ran.

He could hear the sounds of people panicking and car alarms sounding as he pasted by, be he never stopped.

His hands started to shake, he didn't want to hear what was on it, but he just longed for her voice one last time.

He finally worked up his courage and pressed the play button and held it to his ear. " Hearing her voice say his name made him break down again, "chani-ah, I'm so sorry, I was so selfish, I shouldn't have left like that, I'm so sorry.

She's ok she couldn't have been home, she would've tried to calm down before she went home,' he tried to explain to himself as he finally pushed forward and slowly walked closer to the building."Chani?! " He heard his name being called but he didn't stop. " He heard from behind him but he continued to pull off rock after rock not caring that his hands where getting cut."Chani! Chani looked up to as that if he kept pulling the pile of rumble the ceiling would collapse."Hyung," chani muttered as his body finally gave out and he fell into Youngbins arms."Chani, it's gonna be ok, we just have to let the professionals handle this ok?

" He heard and as he looked up, he saw her parents."Is she with you? He ran to the building entrance, people were slowly filing out as he pushed his way inside. " They yelled again as they grabbed his shoulders and turned him to them."Youngbin, let me go! " Chani said trying to push youngbin away."Chani stop! " Youngbin said as he helped chani to his feet and led him back outside."Are you ok? " An officer asked as he stopped chani and youngbin."We're fine but there's someone in there still, in the elevator right chani?

" Chani murmured in a daze."Chani, we thought she was with you," her dad said as chani finally stood beside them."But she, couldn't be right, she's not there is she? " Her mom said as she knelt down hugging her son."Mom, (y/n) she, she pushed me out, we were in the elevator, when the building was starting to shake. He ran to the hallway to the elevators but when he turned he was stopped by a pile of rumble that blocked his way."(Y/n)?! " Youngbin explained."Ya," chani mumbled still staring down at the ground."We'll try to get to them, just stand back we don't know if the building will collapse more. " The officer asked."Her name is (y/n)" youngbin answered."Ok we will do our best to find her," the officer reassured leading them away from the building.

" Chani said trying to deny anything that was happening."Mom?! Everyone turned to see who was calling, chani hoped it was her but as he turned he saw it was her little brother. " He screamed as he ran towards them starting to cry."My baby! " Chani screamed as he started to pull parts of the rumble down, "(y/n) answer me please! It was almost 2 days before they could get to her, the building kept collapsing little by little. Chani stared at the grave stone still, tears were spilling down his eyes at the horrible memories he had burdening him.

Finally the shaking was slowly stopping, the electricity flickered off and everyone stayed where they were."Is it over?

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