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David Clennon comes very close to stealing the show, giving the right amount of mystery and gravitas. Less good is Ashton Holmes, who is rather bland as a character who is just not that interesting.

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Although Season 9 has been very hit and miss, personally really wasn't expecting such a big drop in quality.

After "Gabby" being so excellent and being one of the latter seasons' best episodes as well as one of the better episodes of the season, one was hoping that "Persuasion" would continue what felt like a return to form.

Testing the water in which the victims drowned gives the BAU a starting point as to the geographical locale of the unsub, whose ...

Sure, it would have been a big ask for "Persuasion" to live up to, come close to or equal one of Season 9's best episodes "Gabby".

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It becomes a war between computer expert Garcia against the unsub computer expert.

"The Internet is Forever" is not one of the best of Season 5, like "...

Through Garcia, the BAU learn that the unsub is tracking these women through social networking sites, and that the unsub, using those sites to tell the victims' friends that "they are on vacation".

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