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She is so engaging she was asked to write a book about her life on tour.She might not have the name recognition of Paula Creamer, Natalie Gulbis or Michelle Wie, and that’s too bad.

She details the breakup of her relationship with caddie Mark Britton and talks about other breakups, too. “The caddie was so devastated, she was taking a year off to sort things out emotionally.” She didn’t name names in that incident, nor did she name names when she detailed a screaming match between a player and her husband caddie one night in a hotel. “Needless to say, romance on tour can be quite complicated, and I think that’s why all the other players were supportive of my relationship with Mark,” Kim wrote. The most hilarious lines involved an agent who she said dated his way around the LPGA Tour and finally settled down and married one golfer.If you think the LPGA Tour is boring, you don’t know Christina Kim.Kim is a hoot in her wacky hats and demonstrative antics.Kim is trying to control her temper following bad shots, too. She’s not a Barbie-doll type figure and she’s proud of her body. When Michelle Wie entered the pro golf scene as a teenager with millions of dollars in endorsements and no victories, many of her colleagues were unwelcoming, but Kim didn’t give her the cold shoulder. It’s been 10 days since her death, and Nevada police have still not said how the LPGA Tour player died and. Blasberg was found in her Henderson, Nev., home about 3 p.m. Police responded to a 911 call but still have not released the identity of the caller.They were paired together in the Kraft Nabisco – one of the tour’s four majors – when Wie was just 13 and they’ve been friends ever since. “We don’t take each other seriously and we can goof around. Those with information about the case have remained tight-lipped. You can see clearly that Erica enjoyed life so much.

I would like to thank everyone for your wonderful comments and welcoming me.

That information hasn’t been leaked is almost unfathomable in this ear, considering her death made national headlines.

Blasberg was a striking woman, and even though she struggled on tour after a successful college career at Arizona, she landed an endorsement deal with Puma.

I especially want to thank everyone for remembering and honoring Erica and Rusty for placing Erica's tribute at the top of her folder.

She was extremely kind and generous and such an amazing person.

TMZ spoke with Mel Blasberg, who tells us he had visited Erica at her home in Henderson, Nevada on Thursday and spoke with her on the phone on Friday -- and both times she seemed "very upbeat."In fact, Mel tells us Erica was excited to play in a golf tournament in Alabama this week ...