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Been convicted of bad checks and forgery and all that good stuff …but I guess I’m a person of interest now,” he says.

Bedrocan, which has been producing and supplying government-regulated medical marijuana for 13 years, started trading on the TSX Monday.

He also names his Falls City attorney, who did not return messages left by The Daily Beast.

The man said he and Boswell “wrote long statements” for Lincoln detectives through his lawyer, “telling them everything we know.”“They’re telling you that they have all these leads ….

But she did say Trail and Boswell weren’t known to Loofe’s friends and family.

“I can confirm that we have never heard of these individuals until yesterday morning during the [Lincoln police’s] press release,” she said.

(Tinder is owned by IAC, the parent corporation of The Daily Beast.)Cops were seeking Bailey M.

Boswell, 23, and a 51-year-old male named Aubrey C.According to police, Loofe’s last known location was in Wilber, about 40 miles southwest of Lincoln, Nebraska.Her phone was disabled after pinging off a cell tower in the Wilber area, her family said in a missing persons’ flier.Chief Bliemeister told reporters that investigators were eager to speak to Boswell and Trail because “as they stated in their Facebook posts,” they were with Loofe around “the last time we know where she was.”The bizarre Facebook video came just before investigators searched ponds and creek beds in Saline and Gage counties for evidence.“Hi, good morning. We drove around smoked weed again,” the woman explains.I’m Bailey, Audrey on Tinder and a few other names because I have warrants,” a woman who appears to be Boswell tells the camera. This is about Sydney, and I just kind of want to tell you what I already told the Lincoln police more than one time,” the woman continues.“I met her on a Tuesday, we drove around Lincoln, smoked weed, had a great time, we hit it off. The woman claims she and Loofe smoked “wax” and “shatter,” and that she gave Loofe “a quarter ounce of some really good weed.”“I went to take her home, and she asked me to drop her off at a friend’s house, so I did so,” the woman said. We were planning to go to the casino that weekend."I haven’t heard from her since."The man who appears to be Trail introduces the video, saying, “We’ve spent the last few days watching ourselves being slammed and crucified” in the news media, “so we thought it was time we had our say.”The man says that he and Boswell have tried phoning police multiple times, only to be told someone would call them back.Friends grew worried when Loofe, 24, didn’t show up at her job at a Menard’s chainstore.

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