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CCTV or web cams get heavily used in monitoring & controlling traffic on roads in advanced countries like U. Companies like Wipro has transportation command center at Pune. They just have to install webcams on roads & publish on web page.

If you visit the Alaska’s web cam related pages then you can see the extreme weather condition in which people live.Presentations, Meetings, speeches & lectures can all be held remotely using webcam.Webcam assists in taking personal interviews of candidates placed at remote locations via video conference.Web cam helps farmers in studying advance practices of agriculture from subject matter experts.Web camera can help businesses conduct meetings without expense of travel costs & taxing on valuable time of their employees.You can visit King harry ferry cam page to see Fal river web cam views from U. You can visit flower shop of Switzerland, Temple bar of Ireland, Duval Street of Florida, St.

Petersburg of Russia, Baikal Lake of Russia, Bruecken of Germany, Leopord railway station etc. Now this trend is even picking up in developing countries like India considering huge benefits in saving fuel & time of many people.Using a webcam to host video conferences is a both convenient and environmentally friendly option for business owners and employees.Web cam provides smooth and secure video conference nvironments.If you will see the webcam of Duval Street, Florida then you will notice that even during late night hours or early morning hours, people follow traffic light signals.People maintain traffic discipline & drive in lanes.You can see the civic sense of people in maintaining traffics laws in different countries.

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