Funny dating game answers

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These questions may lead to some contradicting answers. Whatever the ages of your “newlyweds,” we guarantee our selection of questions will provide insight and fun for those being questioned and those observing.

Eventually, Bob Eubanks found himself being asked nearly every day about something that supposedly took place on his show.

For many, their first opportunity to see the clip came when it appeared on The Most Outrageous Game Show Moments, an NBC special which originally aired in and has since been reprised a number of times.

(Which was not true for readers of this web site, though: we’d been displaying that clip for two years prior to that.) During this special, Eubanks said he’d thought the “In the butt” tale had been a legend because he’d forgotten the incident.

Over a beer, friends and I are discussing TV bloopers.

One friend says that she was watching The Newlywed Game one day and the bonus question was “Where is the most unusual place that you and your husband have ever made whoopee?

” After receiving responses like “the bathroom of a 747” and “the kitchen table,” Bob Eubanks comes to a “not-too-literate” [black] lady who, after a lengthy deliberation, states “It be the butt, Bob”.

The Newlywed Game, a game show in which newly-married husbands and wives were separately asked the same questions and had to predict how their spouses would answer, was a staple of American television for over twenty years.It aired in a prime time network version from January 1967 to August 1971 and ran during the day from July 1966 to December 1974.A syndicated version was produced from 1977 until 1980, and the show was revived yet again as The Newlywed Game in the fall of 1985, a version that lasted until 1990.He didn’t recall the incident because the description he was hearing doesn’t quite match what really happened, he’d hosted a few thousand shows, and he had no reason to find the incident remarkable at the time it took place.(Contestants have given all sorts of stupid, hilarious, and racy answers on the Newlywed Game over the years, so it wouldn’t be surprising if Bob Eubanks failed to realize that this one answer would become stuff of legend in years to come.) Tired of being asked constantly about something he didn’t remember ever happening, Eubanks developed a standard “reward” response as a way of trying to get people to stop with the same old question already.The overwhelming majority of people who claimed to have seen episode air reported that the couple was black, and that the woman’s response was “That would be in the butt, Bob” (or some similar dialectal version, such as “That’d be the butt, Bob,” “Up da butt, Bob” or “It be the butt, Bob”).