Jennifer aniston dating brookfield

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Jennifer aniston dating brookfield

In the interview, Aniston also offered some fashion secrets and an update on her housing situation.Of the former, she said, her clothing staples are simple: a good wedge, a great pair of jeans, tank tops, a leather jacket and flip-flops.

"He makes her feel safe and secure when she's with him," a source told Us of the pair, who were spotted dining a deux at one of Paris' most expensive restaurants, Stressa.

"She's the most adorable little cookie you've ever seen," Theroux raved.

"She looks like she just smoked an exploding cigar." Aniston later told Jay Leno, 62, she felt compelled to adopt a second puppy after an "extreme animal activist" pal called her up and said 10 puppies were "left in a box in front of a shelter." According to the actress, "I was almost walking out with three puppies. That's why we named her Sophie, because it was Sophie's Choice.

"I thought he was very sweet and he was always very nice," Aniston later told Pop Sugar. At first you think he could be like a serial killer, but he is actually the nicest person in the world." PHOTOS: Jennifer Aniston's childhood photos 2010: The actress and Theroux reconnected during while shooting , though Aniston has admitted she "didn't recognize him at the camera test." (Theroux's character has a bushy beard and long hair in the film; he's since shaved and cut his hair.) "That's what's so great about him," Aniston raved of Theroux.

"He can do different looks and he just disappears." At the time, Theroux was in a longterm relationship with New York City-based stylist Heidi Bivens.

The June 16, 2011: Us broke the news that Theroux had moved into Aniston's pad. Shaving his trademark beard and slicking his hair back, Theroux looked proud as Aniston's pals Jason Bateman, 43, and Chelsea Handler, 37, introduced her at the podium.

, she and Theroux headed to the members-only club Shoreditch House in London.

"Jen and Justin spent every night in," a source revealed.

Though they ventured out every day, a source pointed out that Aniston and Theroux "kept a low profile." Aniston's pal Handler, who spent six days with the couple in the picturesque ski town, told Us that Aniston "is a really good skier." magazine.

It was there that Theroux introduced his documentarian cousin, Louis, to his girlfriend.

"Louis obviously approved [of Jennifer]," an insider told Us.

"A lot of her insecurities melt away." June 19, 2012: After their romantic tour of the City of Lights, Aniston and Theroux bared their sexy beach bodies aboard a rented luxury yacht in Capri.

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