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The park was created as a representative Selkirk Mountain ecosystem and consists of 49,600 hectares (120,000 acres) of dense forests.

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Equipment for the all-day trip included a rifle for our protection in case we were attacked by a bear or a Cougar. The Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area (CVWMA) in south-eastern British Columbia, Canada, is a 6800-hectare (17,000-acre), Ramsar-designated wetland area of provincial Crown land located along the Kootenay River system, 11 km west of the town of Creston. mission of the CVWMA is to manage the property for conservation and natural species diversity through active habitat and wildlife management, research and education.In mid-October, 2010, Whitey was observed back at the high-rise building ledge where he had wintered since 2006.On December 24, Jason Tu hosted visitors to the building from which he had observed the peregrines for four winters, across the street from the birds ledge.In 2008, project partners made it possible to build a new wooden walkway to and around the Wildlife Interpretive Centre.Donations in the amount of .00 were received from over 1,000 individuals and groups, including the International Taiwan Birding Association, for the purpose.Some members of the International Taiwan Birding Association participated in World Oceans Day celebration at Blackie Spit Park, Surrey, British Columbia, Canada on June 9, 2013. The display was coordinated jointly with the Green Club of Greater Vancouver, Canada, alhalla' is a Norse word referring to a warrior's heaven and is an appropriate word for such a magnificent wilderness.

Present were Simon Liao, (Taipei, Taiwan); Hank Tseng, (Richmond, B. Valhalla Provincial Park encompasses most of the Valhalla range of the Selkirk Mountains in south-eastern British Columbia, Canada.

The main goal of the BSPB is the conservation of species, sites and habitats important for birds, other wildlife and the well-being of people.

BSPB participates directly in the process of creating modern Bulgarian legislation, in the development of the protected areas system and in the creation of the Bulgarian part of the Pan-European Ecological Network NATURA 2000, working with municipalities and regional governments.

Small plaques recognizing the donors have been placed along the walkway.

On July 31, 2011, representatives of ITBA (Liao Shih-ching Simon, Taiwan; Tseng Chiu-wen Hank, Richmond, BC; Wang Fu-yong Dustin, Taiwan; and Jo Ann Mac Kenzie, Surrey, BC) visited the CVWMA, photographed ITBAs donation plaque (#989), and explored part of the wetland by canoe.

It is the only NGO officially authorized to manage a protected area (Poda Protected Site near Bourgas).

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