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Kencan cam only - cory monteith currently dating

I knew nothing of the Montana 500 till last summer. You are right, Garrett Green is quite a guy and FULL of information.I had bought a trailer load of parts to get a chassis. He must have talked for 30-45 minutes encouraging me to get going with my build. I think way more than I could absorb in the short time we talked.

My local spring setter bloke says to run leaves dry.

rdr Anthony asked: "Do they allow a shackle to be locked solid on a Montanna 500 car?? I would say technically not, but if done surreptitiously, I think you could get away with it.

Carl asked: "Does it need to have "FORD" on it to be a legal 500 cam...........?????

or is that the crank" Answer: Crank needs Ford script, not the cam.

Any cam that doesn't require alteration of the block and will run on 1" flat lifters is allowed.

While selling off the excess I had a chance to meet a WHOLE BUNCH of great people. It wasn't till then he mentioned just what he was up too asking for the rods. He is just one of many folks I've met this last year that left an impression. Ricks, The Richards (english) accessory suspension was a lovely ride but diabolical to handle.

While at the Riverside Model T Swap meeet last summer a fella wanders in to my spot just about dark. They were a popular accessory here in South Australia...I have perhaps a dozen more that I haven't gone through. For the lower end, I used a Ford 351 Windsor connecting rod. My favorite front set-up is how I did them on my coupe. The problem with this set-up is that I don't know what the shocks are off of." You might try looking at the specs for 1950 Chrysler shocks. They have stamped on them: 0103-205 MAECO MADE IN USA H 8C79 Here is another front view of my coupe taken by the dawn's early light. Nothing specific to this application, but interesting.Of the 39 rejected blocks: 49% had cracked seats 28% had cracked cylinders 38% had water jacket cracks of those, only two were cracked in the back. I will try to get a picture of them up here sometime. The bottom hooks onto the radius rod with two u-bolts from a u-joint. I like them for early Ford V-8 cars as they are fairly short. These shocks are off of some sort of motorcycle or snowmobile, I believe. My understanding is MAECO is Monroe [Monroe Auto Equipment COmpany] I've sent them an email request with the numbers stamped on the shock and requested a current part number. never noticed the need for shocks, except when watching the Hasslers when I had the front fenders off. heck, they're bolt on, so it won't be a big deal.I havn't used shocks but those who do tell me the ride is better but mainly that the back of the car doesn't skip about so much.I have had to apply opposite lock very briefly when a T steps out going down a steep corrugated corner.As you can see, the shackles hang straight down and the car would swing on them with no effort at all.

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