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According to many sources, including Wikipedia, many of the office blocks towards the north western corner of Houndsditch do not occupy full plots due to a littering of plague pits in the area.

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A burial ground for centuries, Holywell Mount was used heavily during the 1664 - 1666 outbreak of the Great Plague.

This has been confirmed by Hackney Council, and today local residents are warned to 'keep off the grass'!

Many thanks to Cory Doctorow for helping us identify the exact location of the pit, as well as an unidentified submitter who tipped us off to the site.

As its name suggests, this area was once home to a pest-house where infected or sick people would have been taken to be quarantined and studied.

Although first built in 1593, the pest-house played a vital role in attempting to quarantine the outbreak in 1665.

For though the plague was long a-coming to our parish, yet, when it did come, there was no parish in or about London where it raged with such violence as in the two parishes of Aldgate and Whitechappel.''[it was] a field not to be passed without a shudder by any Londoner of that age.

There, as in a place far from the haunts of men, had been dug, twenty years before, when the great plague was raging, a pit into which the dead carts had nightly shot corpses by scores.There is still an open area which can be seen from 38 Scrutton Street, although the rest of the site has now been built over.The picture below is of Holywell Mount in 1665 and comes with the enscription During the Great Plague, the church of St Dunstan's donated a large amount of its lands for interring those who succumbed to the outbreak.The pit was unearthed during Crossrail building work in March 2013 when the Museum of London were brought in to excavate and study the remains.Better known as an unconsecrated memorial to the thousands of prostitutes who lived, worked and died in Southwark, there is also evidence to suggest that Cross Bones was used as a plague pit.These plague pits are now beneath the dog walking area around the church. Bartholomew's Hospital Ground, the area was used as a large plague pit between 1664 - 1666.

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