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In the 1420's however the city of Tournai was in crisis and as a result the guilds were not functioning normally.

After he settled in Brussels Rogier began a prosperous career that would make him the most famous painter in Europe at the time he died in 1464.This aspect of his style is also apparent in the Deposition (Madrid, Museo del Prado) that has been attributed to Rogier since the 16th century.It was probably commissioned by the 'Saint Georges Guild of the crossbowmen' for the church of 'Onze-Lieve-Vrouw van Ginderbuiten' in Leuven.The Este and Medici family commissioned paintings from him.The Duchess of Milan, Bianca Maria Visconti, sent her court painter Zanetto Bugatto to Brussels to become an apprentice in Rogier's workshop.However, on the 5th of March of the following year the records of the painters' guild show a certain 'Rogelet de le Pasture' entered the workshop of Robert Campin together with Jacques Daret.

Only five years later, on the first of August 1432, Rogier de le Pasture obtains the title of 'Master' (Maistre) as a painter.

Although the pedigree of this work is known it cannot be related to Rogier on a documentary basis with certainty. Friedlander or more recently Felix Thurlemann consider it as a work of Robert Campin on the basis of stylistic comparison.

His vigorous, subtle, expressive painting and popular religious conceptions had considerable influence on European painting, not only in France and Germany but also in Italy and in Spain.

His parents were Henri de le Pasture and Agnes de Watrelos.

The family had settled before in the city of Tournai where Rogiers father worked as a 'maitre-coutelier' (knife manufacturer).

The sophisticated and 'learned' iconographical and compositional qualities of the paintings attributed to him are sometimes used as an argument in favor of this supposition.

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