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Consuming high levels of caffeine can cause your baby to have a low birth weight, which can increase the risk of health problems later in life. You do not need to cut out caffeine completely but you should try not to have more than 200mg a day.This is the equivalent of two cups of instant coffee or four small (50g) bars of dark chocolate.

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You can continue your normal daily physical exercise for as long as you feel comfortable.Your baby cannot process alcohol as well as you can and too much alcohol can seriously affect your baby's development.If you are pregnant, or planning to become pregnant, you should try to avoid alcohol completely for the first three months of your pregnancy because there may be an increased risk of miscarriage.If you have any worries you can talk to your maternity team, occupational health nurse, union representative or someone in personnel.If you do carry on working during your pregnancy, you may get very tired, especially in the first and last weeks of your pregnancy.At your booking appointment, usually the second meeting you have with your midwife, all your details will be entered into a record book.

These are your antenatal notes which will be added to at each appointment you have. If you go away from home you should take your notes with you, so if you need medical attention you will have the information that is needed.

If you are a dependent drug user, extra support and treatment is available to help you to come off drugs and keep your baby safe.

If you work during your pregnancy, make sure you know your rights to antenatal care, maternity leave and benefits.

When you drink, alcohol passes from your blood, through the placenta, to your baby.

A baby's liver is one of the last organs to develop fully and does not mature until the latter half of pregnancy.

If you start an aerobic exercise programme, begin with no more than 15 minutes' continuous exercise, three times a week.

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