Partnership liquidating distribution marketable securities

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The problem is considerably diminished if the asset is easily valued. That way the corporation (or the shareholders in an S corporation) can get the tax benefit of the loss.

Making a large property distribution is so easy you could end up reducing your basis to below zero.The information is not necessarily a complete summary of all materials on the subject. Given the current economy and the resulting decline in the value of investment partnership portfolios, tax practitioners must be familiar with the mandatory basis adjustments under Secs.There's another problem, common to both regular and S corporations. Even with an appraisal, the IRS could argue the property's fair market value was higher. Assume Madison distributes two assets at the same time--a truck that had a fair market value of ,000 more than its tax basis (cost less depreciation), and a car with a fair market value of ,000 less than its tax basis. Thus, Madison would have a ,000 taxable gain on the truck and a ,000 nondeductible loss on the car.Winning such an argument can be difficult and costly. If you want to get rid of loss property, the best approach is to have the corporation sell the property, then distribute the cash.That will generate capital gain and restrict your deduction for losses generated by the corporation.

The rules discussed above apply to nonliquidating distributions.They can also create complexities in accounting for partnership basis and capital.Distributions can also have unintended consequences on the other partners.Consult your tax adviser before making any distributions of property from a partnership or LLC. This publication is designed to provide accurate and authoritative information in regard to the subject matter covered.It is distributed with the understanding that the publisher is not engaged in rendering legal, accounting, or other professional service.The shareholder's basis in the property is the property distributed is the fair market value. Selling the asset to the other company may not be the answer. Simply transferring the property will generally be deemed to be a dividend (or distribution) from the company to the shareholders followed by a capital contribution to the new company. (That's when the S corporation was a C corporation when the asset was purchased and it appreciated in value.) That's another complex issue.

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