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They cut pine trees to build Fort Maurepas, the first of several forts in the region.After the Civil War they gradually intermixed with the surrounding peoples creating enclaves of individuals of what Frazier calls “.” He identifies Ahoskie, North Carolina and Mahwah, New York as just two examples.Also, we have the Caribbean and the recent immigrant African communities. In order to understand how this land came to be what it is, we must know its history.For example, Jean Baptiste Pont du Sable, who founded Chicago was a Creole.There is still a large community of Creoles in Louisiana today. It is said that, as intermediaries between the Blacks and the whites, they got European instruments into the hands of African musicians and thereby facilitated the development of jazz.Leaders from several Native towns in the vicinity finally got around to approaching the foreigners in the spring of 1699.

Iberville, commandant of the newly constructed fort, declared friendly intentions of the French by smoking the ceremonial calumet with the visiting dignitaries.(.) The Gullah are said to be descended from the Gola people of Angola, and the Geechies from the Gidzi people of Sierra Leone. The French colonizers of Louisiana were virtually all male.Hence, their children, “,” had to be Black and Native American.Without even so much as a “Bon jour” to the Choctaw, Chickasaw, Natchez and other nations they had invaded, they planted their flag and declared that tens of millions of acres of land in the Louisiana Territory now belonged to France.Indians watched cautiously from a distance, out of sight of the intruders.In New England we find Cape Verdians, Africans who migrated here in the 18th and 19th century aboard whaling ships that stopped in Cabo Verde, an island off the coast of West Africa, to resupply and pick up extra hands.

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    It may have been dispensed with, but the government and opposition then reached an agreement back decided that it constituted a "We learnt that the original grant of arms was made in February 16.