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Later in 2009, several of the old, dormant units were revived. and v-u-den all returned with new line-ups, and High-King returned from hiatus with its original members.These groups became a new concert unit, "Champloo".

Tsunku, however, decided to give five of the runners-up, Yuko Nakazawa, Natsumi Abe, Kaori Iida, Asuka Fukuda and Aya Ishiguro, a chance to become a group in their own right.In January 1999, auditions for Country Musume were held on "Idol o Sagase! In April of that year the girls' official fan club was renamed "Hello! In February 2006, former Morning Musume member and sub-leader of duo W, Ai Kago was caught smoking in public while underage. Kago was suspended from her activities and eventually began to attempt a return. Her contract was terminated and she had no graduation ceremony, as had become standard for exiting members.Project." Auditions were once again held on Asayan between April and July, resulting in Taiyō to Ciscomoon and Coconuts Musume, with Country Musume's official formation announced. In June, it was announced that Asami Konno, who had graduated from Hello!" The first official "units" were Tanpopo and Petitmoni, created in October 1998. Project, and garnered considerable media attention as a result, the first time the group had truly caught the attention of the mainstream press. On July 31, 2002, a major reform of all of the groups within Hello!The first "Michiyo Heike & Morning Musume Imotōbun Audition" took place, resulting in the "second generation" of Morning Musume to be added, made up of Sayaka Ichii, Mari Yaguchi and Kei Yasuda. The first shuffle units were formed in March 2000, releasing the "theme" of Hello! Between April and June 2002, the first, and to date only, Hello! These auditions resulted in the future members of Japanese idol groups Berryz Kobo and C-ute, who would go on to debut in March 2004 and February 2007 respectively, also spawning offshoot auditions such as auditions for Hello! Project began, which was referred to as "Haromageddon" (a pun on Hello (ハロー, Harō) and Armageddon (ハルマゲドン, "Harumagedon")) and "the 7/31 incident" by fans.In April 2009, Tsunku announced a new group consisting of four Hello! They would later go on to have their official debut in May 2010 with the single 'Yume Miru 15'.

In August 2009, Morning Musume released their 40th single, 'Nanchatte Ren'ai'. Project Kids back in 2002 - Morning Musume's 9th generation: Mizuki Fukumura, Erina Ikuta, Riho Sayashi, and Kanon Suzuki in January, S/mileage's 2nd generation: Kana Nakanishi, Fuyuka Kosuga, Akari Takeuchi, Rina Katsuta, and Meimi Tamura in August, and Morning Musume's 10th generation: Haruna Iikubo, Ayumi Ishida, Masaki Sato, and Haruka Kudo in September.From 'THE [email protected] CINDERELLA GIRLS' comes a figure of Uzuki Shimamura!The figure is based on the outfit from the 'Bursting Summer' illustration that shows an energetic Uzuki wearing a school swimsuit!Princess Pre Cure, Toru Takagami in Our Home's Fox Deity, and Faylin in Tanken Driland Sennen no Maho.She provides supporting character voices for Annie Leonhardt in Attack on Titan, Kaoru in Aldnoah. Her work in video games includes voicing Princess Zelda in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.Also look out for more S-style figures in the future!

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