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Inafter the fall of communism, Czechoslovakia became the Czech Republic and remains so today. Altrohlau is famous for its 12 hot springs and spas and is a suburb of the city of Carlsbad also known as Karlovy Vary. The entire region is in the Ore Mountains which is the home of many Kaolin mines.

In summary, your set was manufactured sometime between and probably February 20, Q: I have one that really puzzles me I was wondering if you can tell me anything about the possible year or anything about the gold mark. Quality Different qualitites What are annual items? I had a demicup with the same mark and decoration as your plate. I am showing it at left just below your plate mark. She passed them to my mother quite early on, and I was raised with them at every holiday party and event you can imagine. From the marks, your grandmother no doubt purchased the dishes from Dating rosenthal porcelain Bros. They no doubt special ordered them from the Aynsley factory in Longton, England. Perhaps through this posting someone will be able to help with the search. The story is that an elderly German neighbor gave this to my great grandmother for being a good friend. Royal Austria was apparently a product line name and Rose Dubarrry a pattern name. It should be noted that the prices realized for his original oil paintings have no bearing whatsoever on what dishes with his reproduced work would or would not bring. You dating rosenthal porcelain already know that dating rosenthal porcelain U.

Zone part of the mark dates the pieces to the years when Bavaria Germany was occupied by the U.

The set originally belonged to my grandmother who went on a shopping trip from her home in Michigan to New York City. Your dishes are beautiful, and your related family story is so very interesting.

That was sometime prior to She purchased the set brand new at that time. As you know through our e-mails, we have both done exhaustive searches and find nothing.

I have always liked this plate, but have never been able to pinpoint when it was made or by whom. If anyone knows this Porzellan Imperial Germany mark, please e-mail.

The dating rosenthal porcelain was founded in by Christopher Schumann and his father-in-law, Karl Schreider. July 11, Q: I was wondering what you can tell me about this mark.

Henderson, page 42, Rose Dubarry was one of the several pattern names used by Gutherz dating rosenthal porcelain their own inside-the-factory decoration.